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    The Organizing Committee for  ISSW 2012 to be held in Anchorage, Alaska from Sept. 16 until 21st, 2012 is pleased to open the registration process. Registration is again being run by ICS Conference Services, who has done the previous two ISSW’s. You can go to the registration process anywhere on the conference web site by clicking on the following hot link that we like to think of as the “Totem Snowflake”. If you would like to Volunteer at ISSW 2012  you will need to register and pay the registration fee in the normal fashion. Volunteers will then receive refunds of the registration fee, depending on total hours of volunteer work involvement. If you would like to register a spouse or a guest for this years field trip please complete the online application.
    Full Workshop Registration Includes:
    • Name Badge
    • CD Copy of Proceedings
    • Access to Exhibit Hall
    • Attendance to Welcome Reception
    • All Workshop Sessions
    • Train Based Field Trips (excluding Golf & Downhill Mountain Biking)
    • Lunch on Field Trip Day
    • Coffee Breaks and Beer Socials
    Early Registration (By April 30th) - $375
    Regular Registration (May 1st - August 14th) - $425
    Late/Onsite Registration (After August 14th) - $475
    Daily Registration Fee - $100 per day
    **Registration is handled by a company based in Canada. Foreign transaction fees may apply**
    There are a number of considerations for making your reservation which we will summarize;
    Avalanche Hazard Analysis Software Demonstration (RAMMS) - Sunday, Sept. 16
    Members of the WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research (SLF) will be demonstrating the software RAMMS during a half-day workshop on avalanche dynamics calculations. This software is used by the SLF and numerous practitioners around the world to conduct snow avalanche hazard studies. This workshop will be of interest to practitioners who would like to understand the dynamics of avalanches and hazard engineers who need a helpful tool to perform avalanche pressure and runout calculations.
    Diva’s Night- Monday, Sept. 17
    We are currently covering the costs through your reservation. We will more than likely through the support of our generous sponsors, be able to rebate a portion or all of these funds at Diva's night. We hope to see you there.
    Movie Night- Tuesday, Sept. 18
    Fred Becky and Kit Deslaurier will be presenting 2012 ISSW Movie Night for ISSW participants at the Beartooth Theatre Pub. This event is too good to pass up. Come listen to these legends of mountaineering, watch movies which highlight mountain culture, and enjoy some of the finest beer and food in Anchorage. We would urge all ISSW participants to submit great avalanche footage for inclusion in the program. This would preferably be in HD format and must be submitted by Sept. 1st in order to allow for editing time. Submissions may be sent to PO Box 111492, Anchorage, AK 99511, or e-mailed to Friends of the Chugach Avalanche Center at chugachavyfriends@gmail.com Buses will provide transportation to and from the venue. Seating is limited so register early!
    Field Day- Wednesday, Sept. 19
    Field Trip day will begin with a train ride out of Anchorage into the Chugach Mountains where a number of different field options will be presented. We would encourage your participation in this event, which is included in your registration fees. You will need to sign up for one of the specific tours that will branch off at various train stops along the way.
    Buses will depart the Convention Center for the Alaska Railroad terminal between 7:00AM and 7:45AM. Train departure will be at 8:00AM. Your registration packet will have more specific information with respect to your field trip choice. It is critical that everyone be on the train by 8:00AM when the train will leave without you right at that time! See Map
    For more information please see our Activities Page.
    Banquet- Thursday, Sept 20
    (Dena’ina Conference Center) One of the common understandings of snow is that northern native languages have lots of names for snow. Given that this conference is in Alaska where native cultures are an integral part of our community, we thought that ISSW would be a suitable forum to explore this theme. Accordingly, we have asked Matthew Sturm, of CRREL, to be our keynote speaker. Matthew has spent over 30 years in the Arctic doing research, with considerable ineraction with native communities. He will be delivering a talk entitled “Whalebacks, Barchans and Natigvik: A Scientist's Stumblings through Yupik and Inupiat Traditional Knowledge of Snow” . This will be an interesting and different take on a culture’s dealings with snow.
    Alaska Airline Drawing
    We will be holding a drawing for a free Alaska Airlines ticket from any Alaska or Horizon Air destination plus a free conference registration two weeks before the conference. This will allow some lucky person to bring a friend to ISSW, or you can redeem the ticket coupon for another trip to Anchorage up to one year from the drawing. In order to be eligible for this drawing, you will need to enter your Alaska Airlines ticket number into your registration prior to the drawing date of Sept. 2, 2012.
    Registration by Hard Copy
    You may register for the conference by hard copy by printing out the Registration Form (download), and spouse/guest field trip form (download), as well as the Credit Card Authorization form (download) and submitting them to the address supplied on the forms.
    Before and After the Conference
    Understanding that Alaska is a significant destination for many attendees, numerous businesses known to the local avalanche community have offered ISSW discounts for offered services. You can check out these options on our Activities web page.
    We look forward to hosting you in Anchorage this coming fall!