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    Chair: David Hamre
    email - dhamre@issw2012.com
    cell phone - 907-223-9590

    Co-Chair: Matt Murphy
    email - mmurphy@issw2012.com

    Papers: Jerry Johnson, Howard Conway
    email - jjohnson@issw2012.com, howard.conway@gmail.com

    Abstract Questions: ICS Events
    email - issw2012-abstracts@icsevents.com

    Posters: Bill Romberg
    email - bromberg@issw2012.com

    Accommodations: Dave and Doris Hendrickson
    email - dhendrickson@issw2012.com

    Sponsorship: Mike Overcast
    email - movercast@issw2012.com

    Registration Questions: ICS Events
    email - issw2012-registration@icsevents.com

    Registration/Volunteers: Eeva Latosuo
    email - elatosuo@issw2012.com

    Dena'ina Center: John Woodbury
    email - jwoodbury@issw2012.com

    Finance Chair: Kathleen Torgerson
    email - ktorgerson@issw2012.com

    Banquet and Breaks: TBD

    Field Trips: Terry Onslow and Bruce Gough 
    email - mmurphy@issw2012.comtonslow@issw2012.com, bgough@issw2012.com

    Webmaster: Ethan Davis
    email - edavis@issw2012.com